Magpies Sporting Club The Location For Yet Another Big Win On Keno!

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A Mackay couple have begun planning how they’re going to enjoy their $60,000 Keno win, which includes splurging on a new car, and a pair of thongs!
The north Queensland players held a Keno 7 Spot winning entry in game 38 on Sunday 1 December 2019 and take home $60,624.60.
Sharing their excitement with a Keno official this morning, the couple relayed the moment they discovered their win.
“We were there at Magpies having a bite to eat. My wife was watching the draw, but I was distracted so I didn’t see the numbers pop up,” the winning man explained.
“We usually play a 6 Spot, but my wife decided to change it up and try a 7 Spot. As you can imagine, we are glad we did!
“It’s unbelievable! We were very excited.
“We had a couple of drinks to celebrate. We were in a great mood.
“It’s a fabulous boost. But really hasn’t sunk in yet.
“It feels like an early Christmas present to us!”
When asked how they planned to enjoy their prize, the stoked bloke shared his ideas.
“We are thinking about getting a new car,” he explained.
“I could use a new pair of thongs too!”
The pair, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning Keno 7 Spot entry at Magpies Sporting Club, 1 Glenella Road, Glenella.
Magpies Sporting Club duty manager Sarah Zammit said the club was thrilled to have had another major Keno win this year.
“We were really excited to have sold another large winning ticket to some of our loyal club members,” she said.
“We were all so happy when we saw we they had won, and everyone was congratulating them.
“We will certainly be sharing this wonderful news with our community about how lucky our venue seems to be when it comes to keno wins!
“People always love to hear of local big winners. It makes them feel like it could be them next.
“We sold a $5.2 million winning ticket earlier this year and we’re excited to add another major win to our list for the year.
“They’re just a really nice couple that have been coming to Magpies for years and we’d like to congratulate them again for their win and hope they enjoy it.
“They say things come in threes and we’ve now had two big wins this year so hopefully we can get the trifecta for our members! Wouldn’t that be a great way to end the year!”

2 December 2019

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